The Environment and Climate Action Program (LIFE) is the financial instrument of the European Union dedicated to the environment for the period 2014-2020.


The European LIFE program has a budget for the period between 2014 and 2020 of 3.400 million Euros.


According to Plastics Europe, 25, 8 millions tons of plastic are consumed annually in Europe, being recycled only 7.6 millions tons per year.


The LIFE 4FILM project offers a technically and economically viable solution for the recycling of post-consumer plastic film of the rest fraction.


The Environment and Climate Action Program (LIFE) is the financial instrument of the European Union dedicated to the environment for the period 2014-2020. Since 1992, LIFE has co-financed more than 4.500 projects. For the 2014-2020 financing period, LIFE will contribute approximately 3.4 billion euros to the protection of the environment and the climate. A total of 823 projects have been financed in Spain, in all periods, with a total investment of the European Union of € 663M.


The main objective of LIFE4FILM is to demonstrate how to avoid incineration and waste disposal of PLASTIC FILM OF POLYETHYLENE (LDPE) contained in urban solid waste (MSW) through innovative recycling technologies in a pre-industrial recycling plant of 1.40 ton / h (11,000 ton / year). The new technology will increase the efficiency of the resources, valuing the LDPE of the MSW in usable industrial raw material while guaranteeing its acceptance in the market. The pilot plant located in Alhendín (Granada – Spain) will produce 0.55 ton / h of recycled material – approximately 4,000 ton / year. The LIFE4FILM consortium gathers its experience of the main European actors to design and develop a new integrated waste recovery and recycling solution of PLASTIC FILM based on a low carbon economy and a more sustainable waste treatment.


Waste reduction

To reduce by 11.000 tons per year (23% of all plastics in MSW) the plastic waste landfilled and incinerated by recovering and recycling LDPE.

Increase rates

To increase the recycling rate of plastic Film waste by 80% in MSW, through innovative cost-effective technologies spanning the value chain of recycling.

Revalue the waste

To revalorize urban plastic waste, incorporating 70% r-PE in new products, supporting a circular understanding of the manufacturing-recycling economy (bag-to bag concept).

Pollution reduction

To reduce the plastic industry’s carbon footprint and CO2 emissions by 65% when comparing the use of recycled Film to virgin materials. Reducing 0.963 tons of CO2, per ton of r-LDPE used by the plastic industry.

Jobs creation

To create  full-time and  part-time jobs during demonstration.


very proud to announce that the LIFE 4FILM project has been awarded the PAMA 2024 award from the Andaucía regional government   Here you can see the link of the published advertisement:  ...


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