The FCC Group, a world leader in environmental services, water management and infrastructure, has been providing services to cities for more than 115 years and is present in more than 30 countries, with 58,000 people and a turnover of 6 billion euros.

FCC Medio Ambiente provides environmental services to 60 million people in almost 5,000 municipalities. From waste management and recycling to all municipal services, it processes 24.5 million tons of waste annually in about 200 sustainable facilities, recovering 3.5 million tons of recyclable materials and 360 MW of non-fossil energy.

Innovation is in the DNA of FCC Medio Ambiente, committed to achieving the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 Agenda through the development of electric mobility and the drive of society to transform towards a Circular Economy model.

In addition to participating in the DEEP PURPLE project, FCC Medio Ambiente participates in 8 other innovation projects in circular economy and bioeconomy in waste management:

FCC is coordinator in the projects:

  • LIFE PLASMIX (LIFE18 ENV / ES / 000045): recovery of plastic mix and recycling of PP & PS from undifferentiated collection.
  • LIFE 4FILM (LIFE17 ENV / ES / 000229): recycling of plastic post-consumer film from undifferentiated collection.
  • LIFE LANDFILL BIOFUEL (LIFE18 ENV / ES / 000256): Comprehensive management of landfill biogas for use as vehicular fuel.
  • INSECTUM (CIEN CDTI: IDI-20181075): Recovery of biological waste through its conversion with insects into new high value-added by-products for strategic sectors.

Stadler, is a company that has a long experience and extensive specialized knowledge in equipment for waste treatment. It is characterized by its quality, reliability and customer satisfaction orientation. With more than 300 qualified employees and manufacturing of highly technological equipment guarantee a satisfactory development of each project.

Offering a fully adapted full service, whether in the conception, planning, manufacturing, modernization, optimization, assembly, commissioning, reform, disassembly, maintenance and repair of components and complete plants of waste recycling and classification.

The University of Granada, almost five times centenary, since its founding in 1531, has been growing in close symbiosis with society, to become today a reference for the quality of its teaching and research and for its university extension activities with special emphasis in cooperation and development actions.

The different campuses, scattered throughout the geography of the city, to which the heritage and historical buildings scattered in the most unique neighborhoods of Granada are attached, give it vitality. In addition, the University has centers located in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla that, decisively, complete the varied panorama of the University.

The institution unites the rich experience of its long tradition with the dynamism and youth of its almost 60,000 undergraduate students, who join with those who study postgraduate and complementary education and raise the number to 80,000 students.

AIMPLAS is a Technology Center with 30 years of experience in the plastics sector. They provide solutions to companies, throughout the value chain, from raw material manufacturers to transformers and end users.

They give value to companies so that they are able to create wealth and thus generate employment.

They contribute to solve the challenges that society poses in relation to plastics, to improve people’s quality of life and ensure environmental sustainability.

The LINDNER Group has been offering innovative and proven shredding and recycling solutions for decades. From planning, development, design and production to service, everything comes from a single source. At its production facilities in Spittal / Drau and Feistritz / Drau in Austria, LINDNER manufactures machines and components.

In addition to stationary and mobile shredders for waste processing, the portfolio also includes complete systems for plastic recycling, SRF and wood waste processing.

The shredders can be used for municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, wood waste, plastics, packaging material, paper and light scrap.

The subsidiary company LINDNER WASHTECH GMBH offers leading washing technology for the recycling of all types of plastic waste. With several patents and innovative key components, LINDNER WASHTECH customers can produce high-quality granules to close the loop in a circular economy.

The full range of products includes shredders, prewash and separation, granulation, classification, washing and drying for plastic, both hard plastic and plastic film.

In recent years, the company sold complete washing lines, among others, to Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Australia and all of Europe, including Spain.

EREMA is the world number one in the development and manufacture of plastic recycling machines and system components. Founded in 1983 as an industry pioneer, more than 6,000 of our systems are now in operation around the world. Highly respected for its level of innovation, durability and operational reliability. In total, they produce more than 14.5 million tons of plastic pellets each year. With the highest quality, according to demand.

They continue to be inspired to continue developing better and more powerful technologies. That is why its synchronized team, made up of highly qualified specialists, carries out research activities for new recycling systems continuously while perfecting existing machines. 111 patent families with more than 1,000 patents testify to leadership in innovation.

IBAÑEZ was founded in 1979 and was initially dedicated to the manufacture of extrusion and coextrusion heads. Today it offers plastic extrusion lines built according to the highest existing technology, with rigorous quality controls. The expansion of the machines built by IBAÑEZ today reaches any part of the world.

In its extensive facilities in Valencia, IBAÑEZ manufactures and assembles all its machines and equipment.

From small and inexpensive facilities to high-tech facilities and maximum performance, offering film manufacturers an optimal final extrusion product for their customers.

IBAÑEZ’s human team is highly qualified and prepared to carry out any study or project that the client needs, adapting it to their needs and higher demands.

Thanks to its great experience and low costs, IBAÑEZ is able to offer machinery with quality design and European construction at affordable prices, with an after-sales service everywhere.