Throughout 2021, work has continued day by day to promote the new pilot plant in order to develop this innovative project for polyethylene film plastic as a model of sustainability, care for the environment and more sustainable waste treatment. It has been a year full of new advances that have made us believe and look to the future. Today we share the most relevant of this year.

Commissioning of stage 1 of the Project . CLASSIFICATION STAGE

The first stage of classification of polyethylene film plastic waste, the location of these new installations will be in the solid urban waste recycling plant (RSU) of Ecocentral, located in Alhendín (Granada).

The installations necessary to carry out stage 1 of the classification of this waste are the feeder, biodrying trommel, pre-shredder and ballistic.

The companies Stadler and Lindner have been involved in the sorting equipment, both of which are companies of recognised prestige.

 Necessary completion of the construction of the new building, where the rest of the processes are located: washing, extrusion and blowing stage, as well as a water treatment plant to make this system more sustainable.

The construction of the new industrial building, where the next stages of the LIFE 4FILM project will be carried out.

Mechanical and electrical assembly of the washing line, second stage of the project.

The mechanical assembly of the line began on 25 May and ended in the second week of July with the electrical assembly.

In this stage, the company LINDNER, partner of the project, has a greater participation, as it has been in charge of the supply and assembly of the line, with the help at all times of the company FCC Medio Ambiente.

Mechanical and electrical assembly of extrusion equipment, third stage of the project.

Mainly in this stage, the material received from the previous stage, the washing and drying stage, will be transformed into pellets by means of a pressure and heat system.

In this stage, the company EREMA, partner of the project, has a larger share.

Mechanical and electrical assembly of the blowing equipment, fourth stage of the project.

This is the stage with which the project would conclude, where the pellets obtained from the previous stage would be transformed into plastic bobbins, thus closing the “Bag to Bag” cycle, the partner IBAÑEZ EXTRUSORAS, has a greater participation.

Installation of the metal structure for the water treatment equipment.

Metallic structure for the water treatment equipment, necessary for stage 2 of the project, the washing stage.

With the purpose that the water is purified, cleaned and reused again, thanks to its semi-closed circuit system, being beneficial at the same time also for the environment.

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